• Graphic design and illustration
  • 2D and 3D design
  • Nightclub visuals
  • Animated music videos
  • Artistic direction
  • Branding, positioning and marketing
  • Clothing design and manufacture
  • Promotional item design and procurement
  • Business stationary design and procurement
  • Packaging design
  • Prop design for film, tv and theatre
  • Website design

Some of our clients

  • LVLZ Radio - online radio station and record label
    Logo, branding,  promotional material design and procurement
  • R->Co - brand and marketing consultancy
    Bespoke illustration, graphic design
  • Subfriction Records Record label
    Logo, branding, poster design, promotional material design and procurement
  • Café Source 2 - restaurant and bar
    Poster design
  • Peach - short film
    Graphic design, prop design


  • Polonis - music producer
    Album artwork
  • RedTree Entertainment - audio/visual production
    Logo, branding
  • Hydroclean - carpet and upholstery cleaning
    Business card design and procurement
  • Vision Outsourcing - procurement
    Clothing design
  • Aevitas - watch box and winder designer
    Social Media Management
  • Syncopate - club night
    Logo, branding, nightclub visuals, poster design

Nautilus Inkworks is able to offer a number of services to clients big and small, specialising in bespoke illustration and graphic design.
Get in touch if you have an idea that you want to explore.